Love and Ambition Clash in ‘Fair Play’: Netflix Movie Review

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This is a 2023 movie which was recently released on Netflix. It was directed and written by Chloe Domont and the leads were Phoebe Dynevor as Emily and Alden Ehrenreich as Luke. Emily and Luke are analysts at a competitive New York hedge fund and they were secretly in a relationship, as it was against the company policy to date each other. Netflix R rated this movie (which I don’t think was necessary, because we have seen worse on Netflix) because of the couple’s steamy passionate scenes as it starts, clearly indicating how the couple were crazy about each other. They are at a party and they sneak into the bathroom to have some sex, then Luke proposes and Emily accepts the proposal.

From here, the relationship was going on smoothly as they even shared an apartment, had a morning routine and still managed to work together without anyone being suspicious. Then one of the company’s portfolio’s managers is fired, and Emily hears a rumour that Luke, her secret fiancé, was going to replace him. She went and told Luke this and both of them were excited about this news and were waiting for it to be made official.

However, things took a turn when Emily got the call instead and she was the one who was promoted to Portfolio Manager and not Luke. This didn’t go well with Luke even though he tried to be supportive and happy for Emily. Their relationship went downhill from this point, even though Emily felt bad and promised to help Luke climb the ladder. She even tried to pitch this idea to her boss who reluctantly told her that Luke wasn’t as talented as she was, and he only employed him as a favour to one of his friends.

Day in, day out, their relationship got really sour as Luke’s ego was bruised by not being promoted. Emily would go out for drinks with the bosses and that enraged Luke even more. He even started seeing a problem with the way she dressed (which really annoyed me by the way)and even refused to be intimate with her.

Emily had told her mother that they were engaged, and she secretly coordinated with Luke’s parents(who didn’t know by the way) to organise an engagement party which went to shit after both Luke and Emily created a scene…

I have spoiled this move enough for you guys, but I do give it a 5/10, the main characters didn’t even have on screen chemistry at all and even though they tried to bring out the most heart wrenching topic for most women in the business world or in places were man dominate in the different industries, I didn’t feel that enough justice was done to this movie.

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It however, pointed out the main key factor of male ego and how, in most cases, a man expects a woman to be happy for him and support him but if the roles were changed, it’s resentment instead. I do have a 50/50 view when it comes to this issue though, men were created to provide, and the moment a woman regains this role over them, this somehow changes so many dynamics, especially when it comes to marriage or relationships and not every man can stomach this. I don’t know, but I definitely know that so much can be analysed from this movie if one watches it with an open mind. I do recommend it.

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