Nowhere: A Mother’s Journey of Hope and Survival

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“Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” Marion C. Garretty. This quote fully describes the movie “NOWHERE” that was written by Indiana Lista. It was released on Netflix on the 29th of September 2023 and it tells a story of the definition of, “a mother’s love”.

This Spanish film was based on a young couple, Mia and Nico, who decided to leave Spain for Ireland, which was caused by an authoritarian government that wasn’t sparing the lives of women and children. They had also previously lost their daughter and they wanted to save their unborn baby by escaping.

They were to have this journey in a container transported by cargo ships, however the couple was separated after some disagreements with the smugglers, which left Mia in one container and Nico boarding another. After this, everyone who was in Mia’s container was shot after a soldier discovered that the driver was smuggling people, Mia hid and survived.

About to start her journey to Ireland, there was a storm and her container dropped into the sea, and that is when the battle for survival started for her. This was the best part of the movie for me, she had not felt her baby kick in a while and when she thought her baby had died, she contemplated cutting her wrist and ending her life because she thought that was the end for her. When she was about to, her baby kicked and her mind changed completely and it went to survival mode.

She gave birth, and she protected her baby with all she had. There was no food and to get strength she even ate her own placenta and even raw fish so that she could have milk to feed her baby.

Movie Trailer – Nowhere

This is a low budget film which can be seen to be based on the standard issue of survival and women abandoned, but it scored a 6/10 with me because it brought out an important aspect of a mother’s love. It clearly portrayed how strong the bond is between a mother and a child and the extremes that a mother can go to, to protect her offspring. I say it is worth the 109 minutes as the fight for survival brings out so many feelings, emotions and nail biting moments as the actress puts the writer’s words and thoughts to action.. I will not spoil it any further, hope you enjoy…

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